5 Apps That Will Help You Rock Your Social Media

5 Apps That Will Help You Rock Your Social Media

We are officially in the time of apps. Over 1.5 millions apps are currently available in the iTunes app store, with nearly twenty thousand news apps being released each month. And while some apps like Flappy Bird and Kim Kardashian Hollywood can be fun and addictive, other useful apps are essential to running your social media successfully. Here are five apps that your organization or business needs to rock your social media with ease.

Hootsuite. If you’re not already using Hootsuite, you should be. Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts on three social media mainstays: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. A customizable interface allows you to see not only your own timeline and the tweets of the accounts you follow, but also retweets and mentions all in one place. A similar interface exists for your Facebook account. You can add up to three accounts for free, or you can upgrade to Pro for $9.99 a month which will allows you to add up to 50 accounts. And I didn’t even mention the best part—they also have analytics reports! Free and paid versions available. Available for iOS and Android.

Facebook Pages Manager. Keep up with your Facebook audience on the go with this easy to use app directly from Facebook. Manage up to 50 pages and schedule posts, reply to messages, set new administrators, as well as view easy to understand analytics for each one. Free. Available for iOS and Android.

Feedly. It’s important to share good content on your social media accounts. Sometimes that means creating your own shareable content, but it can also mean finding interesting content from others to share. Enter a keyword and feeds related to that keyword will appear. Add your favorite feeds to your feedly and create categories to put them under, such as Marketing or Business. It puts exciting shareable content right at your fingertips. Free. Available for iOS and Android.

VSCOcam. For many organizations and business, sharing visual content is a must-do. But you don’t just want to share any ol’ picture. That is where this photo-editing app comes in. Edit the skeleton of your photo with the many features they have, and then really make your photo stand out with a wide range of gorgeous photo filters. Free with in-app purchases. Available for iOS and Android.

Slack. Slack isn’t a social media app, but that doesn’t mean it won’t help you manage what you and your team post to social media. This unique messaging app allows you to add specific people to your chats, such as team members or employees. It also lets you set up specific channels, such as a general channel or a channel related directly to a project you are working on. A social media channel will allow your team to share content ideas, photo files, text snippets and more, to ensure that no ideas or content nuggets get repeated. Free and paid versions available. Available for iOS and Android.

Do you already use some of these apps? What other apps do you use to manage your social media?

-Bianca, Mixxologist