Thanksgiving Smarter

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Thanksgiving is often a hectic holiday. All of the travel and prep sometimes gets in the way of the true purpose: spending time with your family. So we’ve found 5 apps to make your turkey day a little easier so you can have the best Thanksgiving yet!

  1. Thanksgiving Countdown & Trivia

This app lets you count down to turkey day! It also lets you learn fun trivia about Thanksgiving. This is a great tool to get kids excited for the typically despised road trip to grandma’s. This app is free and available for iOS and Android

  1. A Cooking Timer

A good chef should really have one of those but, even if you only cook on Thanksgiving, a cooking timer is worth it. A time app can help you keep up with multiple dishes and keep track of when they will done. There are two apps we suggest for this.

Check the Chicken is available for iOS for $1.99. Android users can find Kitchen Timer for free on Google Play.

  1. Recipes

To save on kitchen clutter, make the best mashed potatoes, and add a little ease to your holiday shopping, consider getting a recipe app. Many recipe apps offer thousands of recipes, a way to store your favorite recipes, and a menu or list option for when you go to the store.

We suggest BigOven; it is free and can be found for both iOS and Android.

  1. A Substitution App

Nothing is worse than finding out you ran out of a necessary ingredient. Your family is on the way, you have six things cooking, and now you are freaking out. A substitution app can help. They help you quickly locate other options for the ingredient you need to replace. Some apps also help with substitution measurements.

We suggest Kitchen Buddy for iOS. It costs .99 cents. For Android users, we suggest Food Substitutions, which is free.

  1. Instagram

Lastly, we want to talk about organizational joy. We aren’t telling you to download Instagram. We are telling you to utilize it. Prior to your holiday event, designate a family hashtag for the holidays. Let everyone know what that hashtag is. When Thanksgiving is over you can then easily search the hashtag and see all of the collected memories.

Be sure to make the hashtag specific so you aren’t flooded with cute pictures of a baby you don’t know or someone else’s grandma. #ThankgivingFamily isn’t going to work. Try #MaxwellsGobble or #ThanksgivingMaxwells2015.

Have fun and eat responsibly!