What We Do

How is your social media benefitting you? Our assessment looks at your social media accounts and tells you what you’re doing right— and what you could be doing better. In the assessment, we will evaluate your social media presence across multiple platforms to show you where you’re most successful, where you need to build a greater audience, and what you can do to achieve that.

Our social media workshops cover the basics, the not-so-basics, and then some. Learn how to use social media to enhance your business or organization and maintain a successful relationship with your social media audiences across multiple platforms. You will also learn about new tools that will help you keep track of your social media data, as well as mobile apps that will allow you to stay connected with your audience on the go.

Content Calendars
Whether you run your organization’s social media accounts or your entire team does, a content calendar will help your social media stay on track. Our content calendars help guide your posts, from when to what to where.

Social Media Monitoring
Want to keep track of your social media success? Let us do the dirty work for you. Knowing how your audience found you and what content they find most engaging is important in growing your social media success. We will send you a monthly report detailing your social media analytics, and we’ll tell you what it all means.

Integrated Social Media Event Promotion
Have an event idea? Mixxed Media can help you promote it across all platforms by creating graphics and content for use throughout an extensive promotional campaign on your various social media accounts.

Event Coordination and Social Media Promotion
—With Campaign Planning and Execution
Looking to host an event or fundraiser? We will come up with three high-level event ideas and run an extensive social media campaign promoting the one you choose. And the best part? We will see the event through to the very end, helping to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

Good Ideas Consulting
Not every idea is a good one, but sometimes it is hard to tell the difference. That is where we come in. When you hire Mixxed Media for Good Ideas Consulting, you can bounce ideas off of us— whether they are good, bad, or ugly. We will come in with a new set of eyes to ensure that your plans are a success.