What Do Neither Political Party In West Virginia Seem To Understand?



March 10, 2015

Charleston, West Virginia – Social media is the place to have and host 2-way conversations with voters. Never before have voters and their elected officials been able to communicate so easily in real time. Considering the importance of using social media, Mixxed Media took a look at the politicians in West Virginia to see if and how they were utilizing social media platforms.

Download the Mixxed Media Social Media Report Card:

Here are a few highlights:
The 82nd Legislature earned a C- grade.
Republicans lead with a solid C.  
Democrats trail behind with a D+.

Honor students include:
Democratic Senator Bob Beach and Democratic Senator Kessler who are leading the Legislature in social media savvy.  
Republican Delegate Saira Blair leads the GOP in social media engagement.

Mixxed Media CEO Crystal Good said, “Our Legislative body would not be eligible for the promise scholarship, that needs to change. Voters  and politicians need to meet in this new bully pulpit called social media. ”

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