The 2017 Mixxed Media West Virginia Social Media Report “Card”

The President of the United States is winning the Twitter game, like it or not.

And it seems that most politicians (most recently Elizabeth Warren) are following the trend of taking their voices to the platform to be heard.

Social media is the new friend, new bully and new bully pulpit. It’s the place to have and host conversations with politicians and constituents to get political messages and opinions in the mixx.  Never before have constituents and their elected officials been able to communicate so easily in real or alt-time.

In West Virginia, an election can be won or lost by hundreds of votes — or perhaps followers. And in the case of Richwood, WV, the mayor won by ONE vote. Because of this, Mixxed Media is paying attention and thinking about how social media is playing a part in West Virginia’s political landscape. We created the 2017 Mixxed Media Report “Card” – giving  West Virginia politicians a “grade.” These are subjective grades; we joke that they are #onacurve. The report is not scientific, but it does have merit and a purpose to bring awareness and attention to the social media platform and to encourage political and media literacy.

We hope you enjoy this year’s report and share your thoughts on how social media influences West Virginia politics.

Download the 2017 Mixxed Media Report here.